ur in-house brewery opened in September 1985, making us the first café in the Benelux to have its own craft brewery.


What’s an in-house brewery? It’s a small brewery that makes beer for a particular café. Or, to put it another way, it’s a café with its own brewery. So beer lovers can enjoy exclusive local beers in the perfect setting.

Domus Brauhaus

At Domus Brauhaus craft beers are still made with traditional brewing equipment. The beers are created from the purest ingredients without any additives. Our in-house brewery currently makes three different beers: Con Domus and Nostra Domus, which you can enjoy all year round, and a seasonal beer, which is only available during certain months of the year. So each time you visit there is always a new beer to try.

The beers made by our in-house brewery may taste different, but they are all brewed with the same love and craftsmanship. We use only the best ingredients and don’t force or accelerate the brewing process. This gives the beer time to ferment and mature the way it used to, producing a naturally pure beer.


The beers are piped from the brewery to the bar in the brasserie, where they are served on tap in the perfect setting.

Domus Brauhaus hopbak