Want to take home an original gift
or souvenir of your visit?
Discover our exclusive gifts!

Want to take home an original gift
or souvenir of your visit?
Discover our exclusive gifts!

Domus Brauhaus shop origineel cadeau

f you’re looking for an original birthday present or a gift to mark a special occasion, in our shop we sell a range of delightful gifts such as pens, pencils, badges, t-shirts, lighters, beer glasses and even pralines made with our craft beer.

Domus Brauhaus shop gepersonaliseerde cadeaubon

personalised gift voucher always goes down well! You tell us what you want to spend and personalise the voucher, which is presented in a nice-looking envelope. The lucky recipient can spend the voucher on gadgets or a beer hamper or maybe both! Ask about our gift vouchers at the Brauhaus shop!

Domus Brauhaus Leuven _ Bierpakket

ould you like to enjoy our naturally brewed beers at home or with friends too? Or are you looking for an original gift, bursting with flavour? Try the authentic beers from Domus Brauhaus – now also available in bottles. Lovers of dark beers will undoubtedly find our Engel to their liking, a deep reddish brown 8 ABV beer; while for those who prefer blond beers we have Decidomus, a heavier, full-bodied 10 ABV blond beer.

Put together your own package.

Put together a package of 1, 2 or 3 bottles, or go for the icing on the cake: our beer basket – a unique, engraved and handmade wooden box with a leather carrying strap.

All orders can be picked up at Domus Leuven. Cheers!

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  • Price: 10,50 € Quantity:
    8% alcohol. Deep reddish-brown top-fermented beer. Natural caramel flavour, full and round taste, soft finish.
  • Price: 11,50 € Quantity:
    10% alcohol. Blond heavy full-bodied top-fermented beer with a good, long finish and a smooth bitterness.
  • Price: 55,00 € Quantity:
    3 bottles
  • 0,00 €